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>> it is still millions of times lower than would be a health concern, no action is needed, according to officials. it is coming from a power plant in japan after the earthquake. meanwhile, americans are being evacuated from the country, including 250 military spouses and children arrived in seattle's airport last night. a young woman from richmond, virginia, may be the first known american victim. she was last seen after the quake but person the tsunami. she had a sense of duty that
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americans have been known for. the president the hold a bilateral meeting and press conferen conference. michelle obama toured schools. she encouraged the students to do their best in school and dream big. the first lady visited a science and art museum her two daughters. there they were entertained by dancers. a large protest in downtown santiago shouted, and burned the united states flag. similar protests are being held in el salvador. asking president obama to address drug trafficking, the
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food crisis and climate change. it is spring. up and down we go, like a spring that is just what has been happening. yesterday morning in dulles airport, good morning. right now, 55 at reagan national. in the low fikts in prince george's county montgomery county, and around the bay, in the eastern shore, temperatures there, low to mid 50s. to the south, near 60 in west virginia, to the mid 50s there. and in the last 12 hours, thundershowers, down through ohio and central virginia. that may trigger showers and thundershowers there today. here, we will have a bit of
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cloudiness. by 9:00 tshlgs be partly sunny, and reaching upper 50s by noon. partly cloudy sky. partly sunny this afternoon, mid afternoon temperatures, around 60 degrees. then, more changes coming our way it is spring. a look at your night planner. ten minutes. and a lot of overnight road work. closure of 395. for the most part, that is the process of being picked up. here, in the next couple of minutes, northbound and southbound, between springfield, and ensle road, it should reopen. you may find crews wrapping that up. there is the outer loop, and the inner loop, coming up. on the beltway in advertently, roadway through tyson's corner. one travel lane getting through
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in maryland, near route 50, authorities wrapping up there as well. police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man on his why home from work. people reported hearing gunshots, when police arrived, they found the 41 year-old suffering from a gun shot wound. he died later at the hospital. police say he worked in the area and he was walking home. there are no suspects at this hour. an older model beige toyota camry was seen leaving the scene. >> a fire in gaithersburg. they suffered injuries. extensive dage to the home. the fire is under investigation. >> we know what may have lead to
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the murder of a lululemon employee. allegations of stolen merchandise may have been the motive. >> how did 28-year-old britney norwood, a former high school and college soccer player come to be charged with a horrific murder? jayna did call to report to her store manager, a theft. >> chilly account how police believe jayna murray was chased around the closed store, and rebeatedly hit with a hammer until her skull caved in.
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then, in court, john mccarthy said in court, her ability to live is unparallel. norwood admitted to investigation that she moved murray's car to a parking lot three blocks away during an alleged attack. >> the detective outlined for the family in the presence of the defendant, everything i said in open court. and probably went into greater detail. >> reporter: norwood worked at the georgetown branch, transferred to bethesda earlier this year. the company would not comment on the transfer. authorities in argentina are investigating a boating, that killed two americans. an inflatible raft near the base of these falls. near the border with brazil.
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the boat hit rocks and flipped over, killing 28-year-old laurie eberts and 70 year-old musgrove. five others were hurt in this accident. 22 year-old gejared loughner was ordered to undergo a mental health exam to determine if he is competent to stand trial or whether or not he was sane at the time of the shooting. it could change live, the new tool set to predict diabetes years in advance. >> a rare citing that had people this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
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earn up to triple points this spring. more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds... more than a snack. >> a rare sight in the water off panama city beach, a basking shark, not normally seen in these waters, look at the kayak in the video. the kayak is 14 feet long. look how long that shark is.
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that shark can eat two of the kayaks and not swallow hard. the second largest type of shark. and you don't have to worry, they only eat plankton. beautiful sight. basking like a lot of spring breakers in the sun. >> here, it is anything but basking weather. chilly yesterday, then it warmed up a bit, now it is back up. in the 50s much of the region, 55 now at reagan national, and will hold steady much of the morning, getting up around 60 all afternoon. thundershowers this afternoon, here, we will have a partly sunny sky. most low cloudy. remaining mostly sunny throughout the day, highs
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reaching 60 by mid afternoon. oenchnight, pressure forming, rain by 11:00, maybe sprinkles, light rain by this time tomorrow, and chill net mid 40s, starting off wednesday morning. a look at the rest of the weekend at 4:51. >> this time around, at the woodrow wilson bridge, actually, this is dulles airport. we will start there. route 28, everything to the west, moving along nicely. under light volume of traffic. coming in, moving nicely. the commute, south to the woodrow wilson bridge, there was a bit of construction in the overnight. crews doing sign work. everything has for the most part picked up. east and westbound through vienna, okay. >> 4:42.
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still to come. the frightening crime near a university. >> and what they found when they took their dog to th3q all the traffic on your carpet really adds up, leaving behind ground-in dirt and odors that vacuuming alone can't tackle. but with resolve high traffic foam, you can really see the difference. it removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. it also neutralizes odors at their source, so your carpets are clean and fresh every step of the way. nothing revives carpets like resolve high traffic foam. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean.
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a man supported in a series of rapes along the east coast is due back in court. aaron thomas, back in a courtroom, on a charge that he raped a woman in 2007. he has been charged with three other rapes in the commonwealth. >> we have a warning for people in the georgetown area this morning. a student said she was sexually assaulted outside the school's campus, in the 1,300 block of 35th street. the student said she was walking home early saturday morning when
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she was attacked. she said a man sexually assaulted her and took off running down 36th street. there are no suspects. be careful the next time you stop to pump gas. one woman almost lost her car and her baby in the back seat. why one area is particularly a hot spot for gas station thefts. >> open this side and go -- to try to get him. he was already gone. >> reporter: she was pumping gas at this station at noon sunday. someone was in my car, i opened the passenger side, they had my purse. when i reached in, i saw him, he had his hand out like this what i assume to be a gun. it could have been a water pistol. pointing it at me. all i could think of is my baby.
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>> reporter: her seven-month-old son sat quietly in his car seat. minutes later, here, two in 30 minutes is rare, the gas stagsz purse snatch is not. >> pull alongside their car, probably without the other person ever knowing it in most cases. quickly get off the car, open your door, get your valuable items off the front seat. >>. >> reporter: many of the crimes happen in main thoroughfares, there are a lot of gas stations, it is easier to make a quick getaway. she lost a new handbag and gift cards. >> people are mean and bad, and they want what is not theirs,
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and you can't trust. >> reporter: when you are pumping sgas, police say, get all your cell phone, take out your ear buds and pay attention to your surroundings. so far, no suspects. a manassas student accused of cyber bullying faces possible jail time this morning. police say the 16 year-old created a dirogatory facebook page, posting the pictures of nine girls and wrote lude comments about them. prosecutors charged her with harassment by computer. in addition to jail time, she could be expelled for the rest of the year. the former giants' left fielder is accused of lying in front of a grand jury, when he said he didn't knowingly use
4:49 am
steroids. his case is part of a multimillionaire case against the bilko laboratory. major leaguers are expected to testify. >> we are seeing the first signs of decision 12. tim has been traveling to north carolina, and others are expected to make their announcements in the coming weeks. today, maryland and virginia governors will attend "building a grand nation."
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by education secretary arnie duncan, it is part of a campaign to end the high school drop out crisis. according to researchers at massachusetts general hospital, all it takes is a simple blood test. the levels of five amino acids will show if a person will develop type 2 diabetes in the next decade. three weeks until the playoffs and the capitals want to make sure that alex ovechkin will be ready to go. they are sitting the star because of an undisclosed injury. the coach bruce boudreau said he has been fighting an injury for months. the caps play in philadelphia tonight and can clinch a playoff
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spot with a win or carolina loss. the weather feels schizophrenic to me. open the windows, turn the heat on. >> how are we going to deal with this up and down spring weather? >> have everything available at any given moment to change into. right now, it is sort of on the mild side. 50s. it is not going to warm up much today. 55 at reagan national, and aspen hill, fran conia, we have a mostly cloudy sky, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, in fact, central virginia is near 60 degrees. around the bay, 5050s. west virginia, many are in the low 50s, over the last 12 hours, thundershowers to the south and east. got this boundary layer that is stretching from indiana all the way down to central virginia. in that zone, there could be
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thunderstorms. partly cloudy sky. partly sunny this morning, and by 9:00, low to mid 50s. only near 60 by mid afternoon. and a few clouds in and out. peeks of sunshine, cloudy, by 11:00, light rain, near 50. light rain likely after midnight. through dawn tomorrow in the mid 40s. a chilly start. only in the 50s with showers likely. rain off and on, steady at times, then, thunder and lightning during the afternoon. i don't think we will have any severe storms. wednesday night, a chance of a passing shower on thfrmtds turning cooler. and chilly on friday, sunshine, a chilly weekend to follow. it looks like it may be wet, passing showers, remaining chilly the first part of next week. how is traffic? >> we get underway, the overnight road work along
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interstate 66, east, you see all the construction barrels to the shoulder. the the left hanexit from 66 eastbound to the inner loop is open as well. good to go there. and along i-270, germantown, all the road work there wrapped up, lanes reopened. and the belt way, there is the inner loop, the outer loop. okay. we have a traffic alert for those of you who may be driving or parking in downtown d.c. for the next three weeks there will be temporary parking lane closures on constitution avenue, between 23rd and 25th street. crews are preparing for a major construction project april tenth. two lanes in both directions will be closed. crews will be working on sidewalks, lighting and a storm drainage system. the project won't be complete until early 2012.
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>> americas growing waist lines are weighing down buses. bus companies and transit operates should recalculate the average passenger weight, adjusted from 150 to 175 pounds. that happens, fewer people would be allow on each pbt transit bus. the guidelines were from back in the 1960s when the average american was smaller than today. >> another airline fare hike, united and continental are increasing fares, it is the eighth attempt this year by carriers to hike fares, it will be the seventh successful one. american airlines failed to do it again. they have been owned by the same company, and haven't given a reason for the hike. most are blamed on rising fuel
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prices. one publisher started to limit the number of times the library can check out an ebook to 26, before the ebook expires, assuming two-week check out period, that ewould have -- some stopped buying harper collins e-books. some say it opened a debate on e-books. what happened to a dog in her own backyard that left her injury and bloodied? >> the run-in with a dangerous creature that lead to a zoo employee rushed to the hospital. >> who.
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could things be turning around for charlie sheen. does cbs want fox back? and a picture of fox, perhaps a new lair?
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>> the city of fairfax, police say the owners of this pit bull let the animal out in their fenced in backyard. they realized she was bleeding, she had been shot. >> if they would have hit her anywhere else, it would have killed her. we have a little daughter, it is scary. >> the pellet can't be taken out, but the dog is expected to make a full recovery. >> news 4 continues at 5:00 a.m. >> another round of strikes against libya, as the u.s. role begins to change.

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